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TACON-2020 Conference POSTPONED:

Dear All,
As we are all aware that Covid 19 Pandemic is going on. Keeping in view the safety of delegates in the circumstances, the organising committee has decided to Postpone Tacon 2020. Suitables dates will be announced once the situation stabilizes. However some expenses were incurred towards bookings of venue and all of which will be borne by TAS organization. You will be informed of all future developments on new dates of Tacon in the group. REGISTRATION FEES WILL BE VALID FOR TACON FOR THE NEXT DATE , WHICH WILL BE DECIDED ONCE THE SITUATION OF COVID19 PANDEMIC FOUND TO BE SUITABLE TO HOLD THE EVENT . ALL DELEGATES RECORDS ARE PRESERVED.
Thanks for Registering for the event.
For any Technical Query, Please contact on Email: support@theanaesthetistsociety.org
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